The Manistee Township Board started a recycling program for the residents of Manistee Township, in the year 2000. Unfortunately the containers are receiving contamination from non-recycling materials. The recycling containers are being paid for by Manistee Township for the use of Manistee Township residents.

There are recycling containers located north of the Manistee Township Fire Hall, on Hill Road. One container allows recycling of plastic, metal & glass and another for grass & leaves.

Acceptable items include the following items. Clear, clean, glass jars and bottles, with or without the label, remove the metal lid or ring and place in the metal recyclables. No window or plate glass, broken, glass, light bulbs, blue glass, PYREX, drinking glasses, dishes or ceramics will not be accepted.

Clear, clean, and flattened plastic bottles, milk jugs, colored detergent bottles, or shampoo bottles with the caps removed, will be accepted. Grocery bags, brittle or crinkled plastics, oil or antifreeze jugs are not acceptable.

Metal & aluminum such as foil, pie and food trays, cans, food and beverage containers, which are rinsed clean, with or without labels, and flattened to allow for more items will be accepted. Please place no dirty aluminum foil, paint cans, aerosol can, dirty cans, wire or scarp metal, in the containers.

Manistee Township also has a grass and leaf dumpster in the same area. There should be no branches, plastic bags, or other trash placed in that dumpster or left in the area.

Manistee Township had to discontinue a paper recycling container for their residents, due to continuous contamination. We encourage you to support your local schools with dropping your paper there for their money making projects.

This recycling program is for the people of Manistee Township. If the containers continue to be contaminated with garbage or trash, the program will be considered for termination.

Manistee Township Board would like to continue these services for the people of Manistee Township, and hope this message will stop the contamination and use by non-residents. Anyone having questions about the acceptable items may call Manistee Township at 723-6507.

Where do I start if I want to build something on my property?

Please contact Guy E Finout at (231) 723-6507 x 12 for answers to land use, set backs, zoning and direction in this permit process.

Do I need a permit to start a business in Manistee Township?

Manistee Township welcomes businesses locating in Manistee Township. There are areas that are residential and require a special use permit for a home occupation. Please contact Guy E. Finout at (231) 723-6507 x 12 for answers in this permit process.

How do I rent the Hall?

Call John W Anderson, Supervisor at 231 723 6507 extension #11. Provide your name, telephone number and the date you would like the hall. If he is not in, please leave a message with information required.